NUX Clip-On Tuner NTU-1

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 NUX Clip-On Tuner NTU-1
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The finest clip-on tuner
Nu-Tune is developed by the influence of Suzuki Goutarou from Japanese company Shimamura. As the product developer of Louis* LCT series, Goutarou has a lot of experience from consumers' feedbacks. In order to design the finest clip-on tuner, we discussed the ideas with Suzuki san about Guitar mode, Bass mode, Ukulele mode, and the display visuals.

Unlike the regular tuners, the string needed to be set manually on Nu-Tune's Guitar / Bass / Ukulele modes to detect the pitch, while the pitch goes into semitone range the display will show you the cent indicator scale. It won't make you confused by showing you 2nd B while the 1st string pitch is B still far from E.
That means you don't need to check the tension all the time even in a noisy environment, screen display will guide you very well.
To make a high-quality tuner, we use Murata degree piezo to detect the string vibration. Metal clip and ball joint structure offers maximum durability and flexible angle of view. All of these are also essential for Nu-Tune's very quick response.

We chose the colored VA LCD (Vertical Alignment liquid crystal display) screen to offer a darker background, high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, and better image quality everywhere, and it's way more better than any traditional twisted-nematic displays.
As the biggest tuner manufacturer in the world, Cherub Technology's 20+ years of experience and the musician-engineer developers are tweaking the tuning algorithms step by step to create the best tuner for the musicians. Including the bass guitar players, because of the low-frequency processing difficulties, tuning a 5 string bass guitar is a big challenge by using a regular clip-on tuner. Nu-Tune 's very sensitive tuner and it provides an accurate pitch response quickly for all instruments including the 5 string bass guitar.

 NUX Clip-On Tuner NTU-1