Orange Fur Coat Fuzz Pedal

Nhà Cung Cấp: Orange
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Seriously Thick Fuzz

Even before you stomp on the Octave footswitch, the Orange Fur Coat spits out seriously thick fuzz. Inspired by the legendary 1970's-era fOXX Tone Machine, this octave fuzz pedal injects your playing with endless sustain and a gorgeous sputtery character that's guaranteed to please any fuzz connoisseur. Run the Fur Coat into a clean amp for a tamer sound, or crank the EQ knob and thrust a dimed amp into out-of-control cacophony. The octave effect is very responsive — in fact, you can control it with your guitar's volume knob. From woolly to ear-piercing, the Fur Coat delivers a fat, fuzzed-out sound that demands to be heard.

The Fur Coat is an old-school fuzz, so place it directly after your guitar, before any buffers, and use a guitar with passive pickups.

Legendary fat, fuzzed-out tones

Scott Holiday of Rival Sons is a huge fan of the Orange Fur Coat. The Fur Coat's inspiration, the fOXX Tone Machine, is a favorite of countless guitarists, including Billy Gibbons, Adrian Belew, Eddie Hazel, Peter Frampton, Beck, Trent Reznor, and Adam Jones. Several guitarists here at Sweetwater also rock the fOXX Tone Machine, so the Fur Coat is bound to get a lot of attention when they get their hands on it.

No pedalboard is complete without a good fuzz

Fuzz pedals like the Orange Fur Coat can give you some of the same characteristics of distortion, such as long sustain and extra harmonic richness. But a good fuzz effect will sound almost glitchy and sputtery, as if the pedal is chewing on your signal and spitting it out. Running a fuzz into a barely-overdriven tube amp then kicking it on for solos is a time-honored way to whip an audience into a frenzy. You’ve heard countless examples of fuzz pedals, from classic acts like The Yardbirds to modern groups like Queens of the Stone Age.

Orange Fur Coat Features:

  • Octave fuzz pedal inspired by the legendary fOXX Tone Machine
  • Delivers a thick, sputtery character with endless sustain
  • Run into a clean amp for a tamer sound
  • Crank the EQ knob and thrust a dimed amp into out-of-control cacophony
  • Octave effect is responsive enough to control with your guitar's volume knob

 Orange Fur Coat Fuzz Pedal
 Orange Fur Coat Fuzz Pedal