Orange Rocker 15 Terror Head Amp 15W

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Sweet Amp Head from Orange

Fat to fuzzy gain, crunchy to clear, the Orange Rocker Terror amp head gives you all the sound of a big amp in a compact head that Orange is known for. With the Rocker Terror head, you can truly explore the sounds that your guitar and pedal setup have to offer. A Natural channel on the Rocker Terror lets all the transparent, clear tones of your pickups soar — single-coils ring, humbuckers sing, each with its own signature tonal palette. A Dirty channel offers vintage-inspired gain, master volume, and a 3-band EQ that let you dial in classic British grit and grime when you really want to rock. A headroom/bedroom switch lets you move between 15, 7, 1 or even half a watt so you can get the true sound of this amp at low volumes when practicing in your room, or access loud volumes when in wide-open spaces of clubs playing to an audience.

Space and volume

Let's face it, you don't just buy an amp to play live. You need the private space and time to play and craft your style. With the Orange Rocker 15 amp head's headroom/bedroom switch, you have the kind of volume and wattage options that let you explore in both spaces, with the type of true representative tone you need for honing your craft. Hit bedroom, and you can move down from 15 watts to a half watt and still not lose the tonal quality coming out of your amp as you adjust your volume to not wake up the rest of the house. Switch back to headroom when no one else is around or when you're out playing live, and with 15 watts of tube-driven power, you can put out some serious volume.

Two channels open the doors wide for tonal exploration

The Rocker 15 amp head features two classic amp channels: Natural and Dirty. Because let's face it, sometimes you want that transparent, clear tone that lets notes sing in a wide-open voicing, and other times you want that crunch and growl. With these two channels, you have the tonal options at your fingertips that let you move effortlessly between styles and genres — garage rock, gritty blues, or clean-sounding modern pop.

A legend continues to evolve

The truest representative for what your guitar and pedals sound like is your amp. Turning 50 next year, Orange Music has become a legend in the world of amps for consistently designing amps that translate the outgoing signals from your guitar and pedals into amazing amplified tone. This reputation has won over dozens of legendary guitarists over the years, from Jimmy Page to Billy Gibbons. The Rocker 15 Terror head is one more stellar example of Orange excellence.

Orange Rocker Terror 15 Features:

  • Twin Channels for clean and gritty modes let you explore
  • Valve buffered effects loop gives you a variety of clean, crunchy effects
  • Headroom/bedroom switch lets you move between 15, 7, 1 or even half a watt
  • Effects loop feature gives you even more options for stylistic exploration

 Orange Rocker 15 Terror Head Amp 15W
 Orange Rocker 15 Terror Head Amp 15W