Pick Ernie Ball 9203 Prodigy White Mini - 2.0 mm

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 Pick Ernie Ball 9203 Prodigy White Mini - 2.0 mm
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Precision Made for Precision Players

Ernie Ball Prodigy guitar picks are precision machined from super-stiff, long-lasting, low-friction Delrin thermoplastic to achieve new degrees of accuracy, output, and control. Each pick’s nonslip playing surface is designed to grip you back as temperatures rise, yielding consistent tone and technique amid all-night security. The Prodigy series is capable of a devastating attack and lightning speed thanks to its razors-edge tip. A beveled edge enhances comfort and unlocks loads of textures up and down the neck, from weighty chunks and chuggas to cutting scrapes and squeals. Best of all, Ernie Ball Prodigy picks are available in multiple sizes and shapes to accommodate a wide range of players. Step up to a new level of precision and control with the Ernie Ball Prodigy guitar pick series from Sweetwater.


What do you get in the Prodigy pick series?

  • Long-lasting Delrin construction — a thermoplastic known for its high stiffness and low friction
  • nonslip grip for enhanced security and consistency
  • precision tip for improved speed and picking accuracy
  • A comfortable beveled edge with multiple playing surfaces



Ernie Ball Prodigy Guitar Picks (2.0mm, White Mini) Features:

  • Built from long-lasting Delrin thermoplastic
  • Achieves new degrees of accuracy, output, and control
  • Comfortable beveled edge plays effortlessly in the hand
  • Precision tip yields a clean attack and lightning speed
  • Nonslip grip affords consistent tone and all-night security
  • Style: mini
  • Thickness: 2.0mm
  • Color: white


Tech Specs

  • Shape:Sharp
  • Gauge:2.0mm
  • Material:Delrin
  • Quantity:6
  • Color:White
  • Manufacturer Part Number:P09203

 Pick Ernie Ball 9203 Prodigy White Mini - 2.0 mm